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School of Tears

학교 wrong, 사회 wrong 
School wrong, society wrong
부모 wrong, 선생 wrong
Parent wrong, teacher wrong
피해자 wrong, 가해자 wrong
Victim wrong, perpetrator wrong
방관자 maybe, 방관자 maybe
Bystander maybe, bystander maybe

‘착한아이 콤플렉스’, 그게 내 병명이었지
'Nice kid complex', that was my illness
그래도 모두한테 잘해줬어.. 그게 내 변명이었지
But I was still nice to everyone.. that was my illness 
뒤에선 나쁘다며 씹고 앞에선 착한 척했어
Behind my back they talked shit, in front of me they acted nice
봐도 못 본 척했어 학교는 전쟁터
I pretended not to notice school was a battleground
어쩌면 이건 학교란 사각의 링 위에서의 나만의 싸움
Perhaps this was my own battle in the ring called school.
누군가는 그저 방관에 대한 정당화일 뿐이라 하겠지만
Someone would have brushed it off as something you shouldn’t care about 
Oh I don’t care, 그건 어른들이니까 쉽게 할 수 있는 얘기
Oh I don’t care, but that’s something only adults can do easily
가해자 아님 피해자 아님 다 방관자가 되는 여기
Not perpetrators, not victims, this is a place where we’re turned into bystanders. 
날 비겁하다 손가락질해도 좋아
Even if you point your finger at me and call me a coward I’m fine with it
근데 넌 얼마나 정의로웠었냐 
But how would you define it?
손 내밀 수 없는 걸 알잖아
You know I can’t lend you a hand
그랬다간 나도 똑같이 되잖아
If I did that I’ll end up the same as you
어설픈 정의감에 사로잡히지마 영웅은 죽었어
Don’t be blinded by justice, the hero is dead
이건 현실이야, 살아야 할 뿐, 반전은 없어
This is reality, the only way to survive, there are no options

여긴 교실이라는 사각의 링과
This is a ring called a classroom
심판 없는 관객뿐인 경기장
This is a stadium with no referee only an audience
You know 영원히 승자는 없어 모두 다 지지
You know there will never be a victor everyone will lose
승자는 없어 모두 다 지지
There will be no victor everyone will lose

학교폭력의 근간, 끊지 못한 악순환
The basis of school violence, a vicious circle that can never end
교실이란 좁은 사각의 링에는 없어 출구가
There is no exit in this crowded ring called a classroom
그래 결국 학교란, 이 사회의 축소판 
That’s right in the end school is like another mini society
어른들이 멋대로 만든 약육강식의 풍토가
A jungle made carelessly by adults
약자를 약하게 만들고 강자를 강하게 만들었지
They made the weaklings weak, they made the strong powerful
강자니까 약한자는 당연히 그렇게 당하게 만들었지
Of course since they were strong they made the weak suffer
친구는 적이란 가르침 덕에 만들어진 힘의 서열사회 
A society built on the teachings that friends are only for pretend 
힘이 없는 자를 밟고 올라서게 만든 어른들의 상식 선에서
The morals of adults made us step on the weak to rise to the top 
체벌은 금지됐어, 폭력의 순간
Corporal punishment has been banned, in a moment of force 
‘미처 알지 못했다’란 말은 그저 변명이 됐어
‘I didn’t know because I was out of it’ became an excuse.
그래 이 사회가 방관자이자 다른 가해자
That’s right this society is filled with bystanders that are no different from perpetrators 
학생들은 교실이란 우리 안에 갇힌 피해자
The students trapped inside classrooms known as themselves are also victims

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